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Vampires, Mummies, and the Holy Ghost!

I remember as a child hearing ghost stories that would send a chill down my spine and would deprive me of sleep for many nights. As I grew into an adult, my experience with things that gave me the hebe jeebies were not few and far between so I always kept an open mind to […]

We Are Finally Moved Aboard!

After eighteen months of planning, selling, building, moving, installing, sanding, imagining, and working, we are finally moved aboard. It almost doesn’t seem real. For the past eighteen months, Ashley and I have looked forward to this day. We whittled down our land existence from a four bedroom house to a small storage unit and then […]

Power Me Up, Baby!

Picture this: You’ve just done over a years worth of work revamping every possible system on your boat. Each detail is constructed, researched, assembled, and tested on its own merits. You are confident that everything is going to work as it is supposed to. Pumps are pumping, coolers are cooling, freezers are freezing, showers are […]

Marina Searching in Charleston

When Ashley and I decided Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi would be the place to do our 1 year refit on Wanderlust, we arrived to the area completely sight unseen. We just picked it because it was a cute southern beach town, had very reasonable docking rates, and was in close proximity to my work in […]

Going to the Dogs

How do you tell your dog that you are about to totally turn their life upside down? You are going to throw every bit of routine out the window. Every single time Ole Fido wants to go potty on real grass will soon entail getting out of the cabin, hopping down into a dinghy or […]

Not So Customary Customs & Immigration

Papers please! Sign this, stamp that, use this pen, you don’t look like your passport picture, stand in this line because you have long hair. Whatever you do, don’t go through “those” doors! Navigating the boondoggle of going from one country to another can be a nightmare. Often times you are dealing with an underpaid bureaucrat […]